Jam-Mobile.com an innovator in mobile software development is proud to announce the launch of American Hardwood Species Guide for iPhone, iPad, and Android.  Jam-Mobile.com has partnered with Hardwood Manufacturers Association and Lange Bros Woodwork Co Inc to deliver these FREE reference guide applications.

Download iPhone/iPad version here:

Download Android version here:

App Description:

Everything you need to know about 20 major American hardwood species, profiling the appearance, physical and working properties, availability and typical applications of each. Species are featured in clear, light, medium and dark finishes to help visualize stain combinations of flooring, cabinetry, moulding and furniture co-existing in a single design space.  For serious woodworkers there is also information on workability. An added bonus, each species profile includes images featuring the wood in finished applications.  Located at www.HardwoodInfo.com, the American Hardwood Information Center is the authoritative resource for consumers and professionals seeking information about American Hardwoods. As a service of the Hardwood Manufacturers Association, the Center provides information on selecting hardwood species and building with American Hardwood products. It also offers advice from industry experts on decorating, care and maintenance and design trends.  The Center’s goal is to promote the use of American Hardwoods in home and building products ranging from flooring, cabinetry and millwork to furniture and building materials.

With continued headlines about dismal job growth what growing field is going to produced jobs for 2011 and beyond?  What are the skills required for these jobs?  Think Mobile Technology.  Don’t take my word for it.  Both Info World and Indeed clearly show trending job growth in this area.  What does indeed say where the fastest growing keywords in jobs postings?  HTML5, iPhone, Android, and Mobile App!  What positions are hiring managers and recruiters looking for?  Both Mobile Technology Expert and Enterprise Mobile Developer make the list of hottest jobs.

Seeing these job titles and keywords doesn’t surprise me.  Mobile app development both, web apps or native OS app, are exploding right now.  Companies and organizations are scrabbling to put together mobile strategies for their businesses. 

The biggest challenge I see is finding qualified individuals to fill these positions.  This field is relatively new and changing rapidly.  Universities and colleges are now taking note and beginning to offer classes in this area.  On that point do you want to learn more about Mobile Technology?  There’s a class for that!  In October I am going to be teaching Website Design for Mobile Devices at UWM School of Continuing Education.  Additionally in September I will be teaching a course on Mobile App Marketing at UWM.  I am going to take my 8 years of mobile development experience to teach, coach, and mentor students in this growing area.  I would love to have you in my classes.
Friday Oct. 28 - UWM - Website Design for Mobile Devices

Thursday Sep 29th – Mobile Apps Marketing: Reaching Your Customers Wherever & Whenever

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